Hi, I am Tina Fields.

Being Mom to my two young boys will forever be my favorite “job” and one of the many hats I’m most proud to wear. I’ve spent decades as a nanny and caring for young children has been my career, my calling and an absolute privilege. Nannying also became the unintentional avenue that led me to photography. A family I’ve worked closely with for over a decade is the home of an Emmy award-winning producer/senior producer at ABC News, who has grown to be a mentor of mine. I’ve assisted on projects involving still and lifestyle photography, picture editing, shooting video, lighting, and production assisting. Once the camera touched my hands, I just couldn’t bring myself to put it down. I learned the complicated operation of a small professional video production team and took particular interest in photography and videography. Those early skills with children have become very useful in my new career! I swear I can sometimes hear a child’s giggle just by looking at a photo and it reminds me every time just how lucky I am to do this.

Let’s connect. I will take amazing pictures that reflect you. I can’t wait to meet you.